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Vintage and Classic Photo Paintings

Specializing in creating custom mixed media artwork from photographic images printed onto archival quality canvas and enhanced with acrylic paints to add dimension and fine detail.  
Taking images back in time, honoring history and creating heirloom works of art.  

Artwork that is Soulwork.

"Look for a picture that tells a story, that warms your heart...that is your art."  Kim Shaw, Artist


PhotoArt Custom Commission Testimonial:

Part of this PhotoArt custom order was to research what the original paint color of this 1928 Chevy Coupe. I discovered from paint chips of old manuals that Chevy painted their cards in several green colors.  The most popular was "Paul Revere Green".  I tried to match the color on this painting as close as I could.  Melissa and I decided to keep the image of her grandfather black & white with the subtle colors of green to the car and added green foliage to the bare trees in the background.

"I showed Kim a tiny black and white photo of my grandfather standing beside the 1928 Chevy his father purchased for him when he was a young man. It’s always been one of my favorite images of him.  She then re-created this photo in a beautiful painting that captured all the detail I would have imagined I would see if I’d been taking the photo myself!  I will be giving this painting to my brother, the family car enthusiast and, although I’ve not yet shown it to anyone in my family, I know they will all be so amazed at how Kim was able to bring life to this treasured memory of a man we all loved so dearly."  - Melissa Johannsen, Omaha, Nebraska



Purchase a gift certificate of heirloom work of art - from your loved one's own personal photograph. 

1 - 16x20 canvas artwork only $350.00 (artwork ready to frame)


PhotoArt by Kim, Artists  Fine Art, Papillion, NE

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