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Vintage and Classic Photo Paintings

Specializing in creating custom mixed media artwork from photographic images printed onto archival quality canvas and enhanced with acrylic paints to add dimension and fine detail.  
Taking images back in time, honoring history and creating heirloom works of art.  

Artwork that is Soulwork.

"Look for a picture that tells a story, that warms your heart...that is your art."  Kim Shaw, Artist


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Kim Shaw is featured artist at Sump Memorial Library in February and March 2015.  She has 9 pieces on display throughout the library located in downtown Historical Papillion.  Papillion Times wrote an article about the display.

"A Trip into the Past" written by Eric Taylor, Papillion Times Associate Editor.


Kim Shaw is busy already in the 2015 painting various commissions.  Christmas season was a wonderful success with the completion and delivery of 12 photo paintings as gifts for customers in Nebraska, Iowa and California.  All arrived on time and now the emails are coming in detailing the fond reactions of customer's loved ones as they received their artwork.  The photographs chosen varied from vintage portraits of loved ones to photographs of their dogs, cars, houses and farms.  Kim enjoys painting all of them.  Here are some testimonials from the 2014 season.


Mother-Daughter Vintage Portrait
"This photo was taken in approximately 1969 in Omaha. I was 9 years old and my mom was 37 years old. She always loved this picture but it had faded so much over the years. She was thrilled to see it brought back to life in your painting. Thanks again. It was the perfect holiday surprise!" - Kim Ahlers

100 Year Old Barn
This photograph of a red barn was taken from a camera phone by the customer.  

"My husband has this barn on the family farm.  He used to have a painting of a barn that someone took and never returned to him.  So I thought I would surprise him with artwork painted by Kim Shaw.  Once the painting was finished, I needed it framed so Kim suggested barn wood.  I asked my husband to find old barn wood from the actual barn for a "project".  He had no idea that he was giving me wood for his Christmas present.  When he opened his gift, he had tears in his eyes.  It was beautiful.  He loved it.  His whole family loved it.  Awesome!"  - Jana Newell 

Thank you to Lonnie Theer of The Sawdust Factoryin The Bell Place Shoppes for making the frame for this artwork.  Lonnie discovered that the wood was from elm trees and that it was probably 200 years old.  The Dutch Elm disease wiped out the elm trees in Nebraska.  The American Elm was named the Nebraska State Tree in 1937.  However, due to loss of American Elm in 1972, the Cottonwood Tree became the new Nebraska State Tree.  This barn is still standing near Lincoln, Nebraska and houses mallard ducks and chickens.



"I showed Kim a tiny black and white photo of my grandfather standing beside the 1928 Chevy his father purchased for him when he was a young man. It’s always been one of my favorite images of him.  She then re-created this photo in a beautiful painting that captured all the detail I would have imagined I would see if I’d been taking the photo myself!  I will be giving this painting to my brother, the family car enthusiast and, although I’ve not yet shown it to anyone in my family, I know they will all be so amazed at how Kim was able to bring life to this treasured memory of a man we all loved so dearly."  - Melissa Johannsen, Omaha, Nebraska

In preparing to paint this wonderful vintage image of Melissa's grandfather, I researched what the original paint color of this 1928 Chevy Coupe. I discovered from paint chips of old manuals that Chevrolet painted their cars in several green colors.  The most popular was "Paul Revere Green".  I tried to match the color on this painting as close as I could.  Melissa and I decided to keep the image of her grandfather black & white with the subtle colors of green to the car and added green foliage to the bare trees in the background.  The original painting was given to her brother and she also ordered 5-8x10 reproductions to give to family.



"Kim captured exactly what I envisioned.  My parents were very surprised with this artwork.  Loved it!"  - Shaun Brauckman, West Des Moines, Iowa  

Shaun Brauckman commissioned Kim through The Great Frame Up in West Des Moines, Iowa, where her artwork is on display.  Shaun wanted a 16x20 acrylic photo painting to be a composite of 4 vintage photographs of his parents, shown in front of the Starline Ballroom in Carroll, Iowa where they met featuring the cars they loved. 


Purchase a gift certificate of heirloom work of art - from your loved one's own personal photograph. 

1 - 16x20 canvas artwork only $350.00 (artwork ready to frame)


PhotoArt by Kim, Artists  Fine Art, Papillion, NE

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